Due to Australia's reputation for high-quality education and the fact that it is a popular study destination for students from across the world, you may find the best law schools in Australia. There are many benefits to studying in Australia, including academic brilliance, accessibility, and a distinctive experience.

In Australia, one of the best-paying academic fields is law.

Therefore, it is no surprise that law students choose Australia as their STUDY ABROAD destination. In addition, Australia is favored because of its strong links to Asia, a judicial system that is comparable to the UK's, and English being the official language. There are several possibilities for studying law in Australia.

But before we look at the best law universities in Australia, let’s check out some interesting facts that will definitely help you if you are looking for a university for law in Australia.

Due to the wide range of course options, Australia is ranked third among the top countries to study law by QS and THE (Times Higher Education). In Australia, there are 22 law schools, four of which, according to THE rankings for 2022, are among the top 50 in the world. Only 2.5 lakh of the approximately 4,00,000 applications submitted by overseas students each year for Australia's various law programmes are approved.

Internship and on-campus placement options are provided by Australian universities that provide law programs to their students. Additionally, colleges like ANU (Australian National University) offer their law students exchange programs in regions like the UK and Asia-Pacific. Australia offers courses in law that range in length from four months to six years. The average tuition fee, which might fluctuate, is AUD 35,000.

Now, let's get to the five best law schools in Australia:


1. The University of Melbourne

One of the top law schools is the University of Melbourne. It is based in Melbourne, Victoria, and provides online, full-time, and part-time legal education to both foreign and domestic students. The law school has outstanding teachers, illustrious alumni, and first-rate facilities.


2. University of Sydney

The first public university in Australia is the University of Sydney. It is one of the world's top colleges for studying law. Additionally, it is well known for modelling eminent judges, barristers, and solicitors. The QS global rankings for law place it at number 13.


3. Australian National University

The Australian National University is located in Canberra, Australia's capital. It belongs to the esteemed Group of Eight research alliance. Six Nobel Laureates and 40 Rhodes Scholars have both graduated from the university. For those interested in law, it offers a wide variety of programs and courses.


4. Monash University

Australia's Melbourne is home to Monash University, a public research institution. It was established in 1958, making it the second-oldest university in Victoria. Along with the JD degree program, Monash University's Law COLLEGE also provides Masters in Law degrees.


5. University of Queensland

The University of Queensland's TC Beirne School of Law was established in 1936. In Queensland, Australia, it is the state's oldest law school. This law school was ranked 40th globally and sixth among the top law schools in Australia. The University of Queensland's TC Beirne School of Law offers undergraduate and graduate law degree programs.

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