Studying law offers the chance to foster a scope of skills and explore numerous aspects of human life. It allows you the opportunity to sharpen your mind, reinforce your understanding and deepen your experience across the scope of humanities and social sciences. You gain both broadness of understanding and depth in the areas that interest you most.


Top Law Schools in USA and UK

1. Yale Law School

Yale Law School is one of the world’s premier law schools, offering an unmatched environment of excellence, a flourishing intellectual life, and an abundance of opportunities to engage with the law. With almost 200 courses taught by world-renowned faculty and a thriving network of legal clinics and intellectual centers, Yale Law School provides rich and challenging ways to gain the skills necessary to make an impact in the world at large.

2. Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School combines the remarkable scope of a world-class research institution with the academic experiences. Harvard students have the flexibility to pursue a broad and diverse curriculum or to pursue a specialized program in one area of law, like human rights, property or business law. The clinical programs in particular bring the Law students into the work practices in Boston and Cambridge.

3. Oxford Law School

The Oxford Law degree aims to develop all these skills, but its particular strength is in teaching you to think for yourself. It is one of the most highly regarded and in high demand both in legal professions and in other fields in which professional analytical work is required.

4. Cambridge Law School

Cambridge Faculty of Law offers the opportunity to undertake a cutting-edge research degree in a lively, diverse and well-established scholarly community at one of the world’s leading research institutions. An intellectually challenging and rewarding degree, students are attached to undertake Law in a uniquely inspiring environment and rigorously taught by some of the world’s leading experts.

5. Stanford Law School

Law should therefore appeal to those who want to foster both conceptual reasoning and practical critical thinking. A law degree can give you the skills to be a successful lawyer and legal counselor and also a successful producer, politician, manager, journalist, diplomat or police officer; a law degree equips you for almost any profession that requires scholarly strength combined with a useful approach to the world.

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