Many students have a dream to STUDY ABROAD to find new opportunities and to brighten their future. Prior to knowing why you ought to consider a consultancy to study abroad, know that in the wake of completing school or COLLEGE, each student begins cultivating new expectations for their future. At last, they face some troublesome questions – what would it be a good idea for me to do straightaway? What course or college ought to be the best for me? Which country best suits my aspirations? Will they accept my application for my preferred program? Each student is similarly anxious about their career.

Overseas Education Consultants help you make your admission process easy and smooth. They are well experienced and refreshed on the most recent compliances and prerequisites. Here you can know the reasons why you need to choose a STUDY ABROAD consultancy.


1. Excellent Career Counselling — Program and University Selection

The very first step towards achieving your dream to STUDY ABROAD is to decide a program of your interest and universities based on your choice of program. The study abroad consultants would help you explore your options if you’re undecided on your major and narrow down the programs and universities best suited to your profile. An overseas education counselor can help you make the right choice for your career based on your aspirations.

The education consultants also help you in preparing for the necessary standardized tests. Such a process ensures that you are rightly eligible to apply to the university in which you are interested. Not only do they guide you regarding which standardized test you must give depending on your choice of program and universities, they also assist you plan a timeline for the exams. Along with this, you will also get guidance as to how to crack these tests. They will let you know what scores are needed by you to meet the requirements of each university.


2. Application Assistance & Guidance

Overseas education counselors are committed to smoothen your COLLEGE application process by taking out holes in execution and speeding up the dynamic cycle. They help recognize and plan milestones to make an interpretation of goals into clear execution. Not only do they assist with university applications, they integrate your qualities both academic as well as extra-curricular, help you identify right supporting documents and reports and send your application authentically.


3. Expertise on Scholarship & Financial Aid

One of the major setbacks students face to pursue their dream to STUDY ABROAD is finances. Overseas education consultants guide you to apply to universities well within your reach. They plan your finances in a way that you are able to manage abroad. The counselor evaluates your academic excellence, outstanding extracurricular record and they even help you score a scholarship at the universities. The financial aid can be both based on your merit and also need-based. Based on your preferred countries, you may also be allowed to work part time for certain hours per week during your education abroad.


4. Visa Guidance & Support

Once you have your offer letter in hand, your next step is to apply for a student visa. Obtaining a visa can be tricky and students face a lot of difficulties. Overseas education counselors walk you through the entire visa process for the country you’re going to, from gathering the set of required documents to sharing important tips for your interview. They have expertise in visa guidance and can give you valuable assistance.


5. Value for Money

A good overseas consultant will have an extensive understanding of all aspects of the study destinations that they offer to students. Building a sense of trust and understanding between both the student and the counselor/organisation is integral. Consulting for overseas education ensures a hassle free process with a sense of clarity and security to make your dream to STUDY ABROAD come true!

PRIMA is an overseas education counseling service venture providing admission consulting and career counseling for under-graduate and postgraduate programs. We make available all the solutions under one roof helping students in making the right choice to pursue their desired program in universities across the globe. When you think about quality overseas education, think Prima.

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