For a long time, people have travelled to CANADA to pursue higher education. It provides the same amenities as the US and UK provided at a significantly lower price, making it a more affordable choice for prospective candidates. Because of the recent growth in popularity of Canadian MBAs, Canada is now one of the top three places in the world to earn an MBA. The Rotman School of Management, Smith School of Business, Schulich School of Business, and Desautels Faculty of Management are a few of the best universities in Canada for MBAs.

Continue reading to find out more about the top MBA colleges in CANADA.


1. Rotoman School of Management, University of Toronto

Given the large Indian population in Toronto, Rotman School is among the best colleges for MBA in CANADA for Indian students. The benefits of attending Rotman COLLEGE also include the high employment rate of its graduates.


2. York University's Schulich School of Business

Joining the Schulich School of Business must be your objective if you want to be among the elite of the business world. This is one of the top MBA colleges in CANADA, ranking first in rankings published by the esteemed publications Forbes, Economist, CNN, and others. After graduating, 89% of graduates in this country secure desirable jobs.


3. Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

One of CANADA's top business programmes is the MBA in Business at UBC. The numerous opportunities presented to the students following their studies make this one of the finest MBA institutions in Canada for Indian students.


4. Ivey Business School, Western University

Ivey BUSINESS SCHOOL is renowned for its quality around the world and is distinguished by its exceptional management education. More than 23,000 graduates from 98 different countries make up its impressive alumni network. To be admitted, you must pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).


5. Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

The Smith School of Business encourages career-focused business education and leadership. This institution is one of the greatest places to be, allowing students to create their own career pathways and ensure they have appealing chances and exposure.


6. HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal's finest professionals in the subject are available for learning. The university's multi-cultural setting will also be introduced to you. You may take advantage of a socially vibrant atmosphere thanks to the diverse set of students.


7. John Molson School of Business

The John Molson School of Business is deemed to be one of the top universities in CANADA for MBAs. This is because of the often revised curriculum and the development of the students' analytical skills. This is the perfect location for you if you like to learn via practical experience.


8. Desautels McGill University

One of the best-rated business schools in CANADA is McGill University. Students can participate in internships for 6–10 weeks through the curriculum, providing them a chance to learn more about the current business sector.


9. University of Alberta

94% of University of Alberta MBA grads get lucrative jobs following their education. The course is meant to provide you with the technical know-how and soft skills you'll need to succeed in today's business environment.


10. Dalhousie University

One of the top MBA colleges in CANADA for undergraduate and graduate studies is Dalhousie University. They offer MBA programs with the appropriate practical expertise, that helps draw students from across many countries. It provides students with full-time MBA and online MBA programs.

Depending on the university and speciality you select, studying in CANADA might cost anywhere between 30,000 and 90,000 Canadian dollars. Canada provides three admissions. i.e., intake throughout the fall (September), summer (May), and winter (January). Any of these intakes allows you to sign up for the MBA program. The Fall MBA intake is the most popular season for enrollment, but the majority of Indian students prefer it. Contact a Prima education counsellor for support if you need any more assistance with your MBA admission to Canada or scholarships!

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