One of the primary reasons Indian students choose to STUDY ABROAD after completing their 12th grade is the intense competition and the limited number of seats available in India's top reputed colleges. Additionally, foreign education and degrees are highly valued in India and elsewhere.

Apart from the degree, it provides a diverse and unique opportunity to interact with members of diverse ethnic groups. Additionally, it increases your understanding, tolerance, and opportunities for international work. Are you considering studying abroad after completing your 12th grade? Then this step-by-step guide on how to STUDY ABROAD after 12th is ideal for you.


1. Have a Clear Plan

It is crucial for the students to maintain an excellent academic record throughout their senior year of high school. The majority of universities evaluate your performance in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Apart from that, involvement in extracurricular activities, competitions, and volunteer work is critical because they add value to your resume.

These extracurricular activities also assist you in crafting an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP) and ensuring that you are admitted to the university. Also, if you want to STUDY ABROAD after 12th grade, start planning a year ahead of time.


2. Thorough Research

After completing your 12th standard, the greatest source of contention is deciding on an appropriate stream. Whether you are interested in science, the arts, or commerce, there are countless opportunities abroad for each if you conduct thorough research. Before deciding how to get admission in foreign university after 12th, consider your enthusiasm for that field, future implications, and employment opportunities. After checking all of these boxes, you can proceed to the next step, which is to obtain the most appropriate options for your study. For instance, which country offers the most opportunities in your field? Which universities are the best? When do they begin admitting guests?


3. Choosing the Best Destinations & Universities

Australia appears to be a utopia on television. America will provide you with a chance to succeed. The United Kingdom has an incredible culture and history. You may have always wished you could live in a particular nation for a variety of reasons - and studying abroad allows you to do just that, if only for a brief period. Therefore, it is important that you wisely choose the destination first before you choose your university and course.

And, before you know how to apply to foreign universities after the 12th, you need to know which ones to apply for. When it comes to selecting a university for post-secondary STUDY ABROAD, do not settle for anything less than the best. Conduct thorough research on the university's location, dormitory, scholarship and grant opportunities, tuition, number of intakes, course availability, environment, campus placements, eligibility, and admission process.

Take the help of experts if you want. Do a lot of research on their application process and required documents, and send in your application as soon as possible to improve your chances of getting in.


4. Enlist the Help of Experts

It is possible to have a slew of inquiries before deciding on a destination and university. Understandably, you may lack clarity throughout the entire process. And it is okay to ask for help. Your overseas education counselor as you prepare to STUDY ABROAD, can help you with that. Top educational consultants like Prima Education will help you in this process. They will help you fill in application forms or write a statement of purpose.


5. Be Aware of the Exams For Which You Must Prepare

The majority of universities abroad will examine your IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, or CAE scores, as well as your SAT or GMAT scores. While English language tests are required for all, other tests such as the SAT, GMAT, and others are optional depending on the course and university you choose to STUDY ABROAD after 12th. Make sure your score is a lot higher than the cut-off point so that you have a better chance of getting in.


6. Admission

Admissions procedures vary by country and university. Regardless, you must go through it. Your first priority should be to translate and authenticate, followed by scanning and storing the required documents and mark sheets. Obtain a letter of recommendation and begin writing your statement of purpose.

Following that, you must complete their admission application form, attach all required documentation, and pay the application fee. After this, some of the most prestigious schools and universities conduct interviews with the shortlisted candidates. If you require assistance with your application, we offer career counseling, mentoring, and COLLEGE admissions services.

We hope this article answers your question on how to apply for foreign universities after 12th and assists you in properly planning your journey.

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