What is considered for a strong application ?

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Excellent Grades at School and Strength of the curriculum

Grades or marks and the strength of your high school's program make up the fundamental components of your application.

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Outstanding Standardized test scores-SAT/ACT

This is the first hurdle to cross and is used to evaluate candidates from around the world providing colleges with information that can help them make decisions on who to accept into their programs, as well as class placement for selected students.

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Demonstrated Interest

To show a university your specific interest in its program by visiting its campus in person or attend its fair and cultivate relationships.

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Good Subject Test & AP scores

These tests are taken to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in a specific subject area.

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Soundness of the profile/Extracurricular activities

Activities which you pursue in addition to your academics from which you derive personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

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Creativeness in the Essay's

This is a part of the application where the admission officers really get to know and understand you, beyond numbers and scores.

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Strong Counselors and Teachers Recommendations

This is one of the few parts of your application in which your personality and unique characteristics are described by a third party and are meant to re-iterate to the admissions department that you are indeed as strong a candidate as you seem or claim to be.

How we work for you

a comprehensive, step-by-step process

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Profile Evaluation & School List Selection

We spend a lot of time on this step evaluating the complete profile of the student. Through a series of conversations and questionnaires, we help to determine the perfect school list based on resume, personality fit, standardized test scores, and future aspirations.

We also consider more objective measures like future ROI. From here we can also determine the best overall application strategy and whether you should apply EA, ED or REA.


Student Branding

The key to a successful application is a cohesive story that aligns accurately with our clients current profile and future aspirations.

Through a deeply introspective socratic process, we help to discover the best "admissions narrative" to determine the ideal strategy for how to present your unique story through emphasizing a range of ways to approach various components like academics, extra-curriculars or talent, essays, recommendation or voice and interviews.

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Applications Guidance & Management

The Common/Coalition App, OUAC, UCAS, Stand-Alone or any other application from across the globe can be tricky sometimes, so we will help you avoid the common pitfalls of filling out all these infamous applications.

Plus, it's likely that some schools on your list won't accept any one type of application over the other, so your counselor will be there every step of the way to make sure you're completing your relevant applications well in advance of the deadline.


Essay Assistance

You will be provided with the trained essay specialist. Students don't have much experience writing the type of essays that admission officers are looking for - Indeed, schools have taught them to write academic analysis and history papers rather than introspective personal statements.

Your essay specialist will first help you brainstorm the perfect essay idea, guide you through the first drafting and revision process and make sure that the essay is free of any errors.

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Interview Prep

Inevitably, after crafting a fantastic application, you'll be asked to interview for the colleges on your school list.

Having coached many students through the interview process, we'll be able to provide you with extensive preparation, including complete list of potential questions and practice mock interviews.


Unlimited Hours of Counseling

Based on years of experience, we know that your admissions situation is a little different, and you'll inevitably have questions about the process.

Your counselor is trained to ensure that you'll never be unsure of any aspect of the process.

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